September 01, 2009

The Many Faces of Julie:

I don't get pictures of myself very often (I'm usually behind the camera) but for a new year resolution I decided to make a more concerted effort to be IN pictures because I want to remember all of the wonderful moments of motherhood! Most of these pictures have Z in them because let's face it, all pictures are cuter with him! :)

With my best friends, my sisters:We can get pretty silly when we're all together! :)

Love me a good burger!I promise I was TRYING to look like that! :)

Red Rock Relay

My high school "boss" :)

Playing in a canyon stream with Alana

Driving the golf cart
USU Graduation Day! ( I just threw my hat in this pic...)

Love Charlie's hot fudge brownie shakes!

w/ Nat and Alisha

Monterray Bay

I love flowers!

Family Reunion

My sis Whit and I goofing off at a football game

4th of July Lake in Idaho

Having fun in the wedding dress :)

Snow Day!

A little bit Twilight obsessed...
Our first married Christmas tree!

Touring sites in Nauvoo

Hiking the frosty pond in IL