September 01, 2009

What We Like To Do:

One of our favorite things to do is play games. A few of our favorites are Scrabble, Rook, Killer Bunnies, Ultimate Frisbee, Mini-Golf, Bowling...we could probably go on forever! We are both pretty competitive so we trash talk and make fun of each other most of the time. We frequently make bets to add a little spice! The boys love playing the Wii and nothing makes us laugh harder than Z and Ty having boxing competitions!
We love the outdoors and spend a lot of our time hiking, camping, taking walks or even just going on drives in the canyon or picnicing at a park. The boys agree with us and would rather be outside than anywhere else!

We go to lots of sporting eventsActually, usually now Lance just takes Zachary since Ty is still kind of young to enjoy them. I'm okay with it though because it usually means I get to stay warm and visit with family! :)

Julie loves crafts and big projects. Usually there are several going on at a time! She has a blast making things for the house, and is slowly re-doing the house, room by room to make it just right.
Lance loves to golf and Julie loves to watch him. Sometimes we practice at the driving range. Lance can't wait until the boys are big enough to go with him!

Julie is an avid runner. She has run 2 full marathons and countless halfs, 5k's and relays. She loves it and is hoping soon to qualify for the Boston Marathon. She has also recently become passionate about yoga and I always laugh when I come home to her teaching the boys!
We like to take pictures of nature--nothing professional but occasionally we'll get a cool shot. Here are a few favorites:
We both love to read and have passed that love on to our kids. We go to the library at least once a week for a gigantic stack of books!

We love snuggling up to a good movie with a big bowl of popcorn! We also love going to movies in the theater and recently introduced Zac to it who loves it as well!

We enjoy cooking together. We have the two best mini-helpers in the world and can't go for very long without one of them pitching in to help!

Ultimately, we just love each other, so no matter what we're doing we usually have fun!